Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounce

rWe went to Lake Compound. we leaved like 9:00.But it tuck us 3 hours to get their. i play a around but when we was coming back i went to sleep. i really liked the trip because it was all about getting on rides. What movies did you watch? we saw some movie but i did not know the name of them. when we got on the bus i felt sleepy.i felt this way because we did a lot when we were their.

when we got there the first thing i did was use the bathroom. How did you feel when yowhen i saw the park i was thinking it did change because i when their last year.i when with Mr.Osei group.i went to so ride named down town. but i went with Ada.i went on a lot that i cant name all of them. the best ride was the dash.

that was the best one because it was fast.and i did not dislike it. no he sad that man dont go on rided i did not eat till we got on the bus.

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